Thanks for the Support

Preparing for our PCT thru-hike has been going a lot smoother than we anticipated. Over a year ago I remember sitting in our Denver apartment silently wishing we could hike the PCT. I didn't want to say it aloud, even to Jake because we had just moved to Denver a few months before.  Colorado was... Continue Reading →

Try Something New

April wrote this: For anyone who has met Jake & I, they know it's a rare sighting to see us apart. Last year we even worked at the Denver Zoo together. We are just so in sync with each other that it is hard to get outside of our comfort zones & mingle with others.... Continue Reading →

Day Hiking Won’t Cut It

  When Jake & I decided to do our second thru-hike, we became inspired to hike for a cause. For us, thru-hiking helped us deal with our anxieties. Our 2018 PCT hike we have decided to hike for ADAA (Anxiety & Depression Association of America). We want to inspire as many people as possible that... Continue Reading →

Logistical Hell

We love adventuring... we saved up money, got in shape, and told everyone we are going to thru-hike the PCT! Oh right, we have responsibilities. A dog named Waldo. An Apartment lease. Our Furniture/Stuff. Jobs. Where's Waldo? It was not an easy decision to leave our dog Waldo behind during our 5 month trek. We... Continue Reading →

Embracing It All 

During our thru-hike, we had a lot of laughable moments. Here are just a few funny and odd moments that we look back on. Arriving in Gatlinberg, TN Jake and I were walking down the sidewalk with our packs on. We stopped to figure out the trolley and encountered an older couple staring at us.... Continue Reading →

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