Washington: How is this almost over?

Unbelievable to think we have traversed up to Washington already. When we were in Oregon it still seemed so far away and now I sit here, saddened to think how close the end is.


Luckily we have had some great experiences the past couple weeks. We visited the famous Timberline Lodge, which if you have seen the movie ‘The SHining’ the outside was filmed there. We were more excited for the all you can eat buffet they serve. Such fancy foods that we have dreamt about for months. It was an excellent way to celebrate the high mileage days we were doing. 30 miles the night before our arrival left us ready to eat our fill.


We met an awesome gal who gave us a ride. She went out of her way to drive us to our destination and told us funny stories. Her fiancé hiked part of the PCT and she was passing on the help.


We got to celebrate with friends, Sally and Carlos that were in the area visiting. They gave us some excellent TLC at Hood River, letting us revel at the Oregon/Washington border. New shoes were in order so we got to go to the shoe store where we got to sign the famously PCT wall.


The Washington terrain is more difficult with the ups and downs but my body is thankful for less miles. I used to fall asleep to aching hips and throbbing legs and now I fall asleep grateful.

Washington has little service and the town stops are small and quick. That leaves it difficult to blog so I apologize for the short ones, but we are loving and embracing the trail again!

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