A Quirky Day in the Life

A little look into our daily trail life. What do we eat?       Well, it strongly depends on the stores that are in town. Sometimes the only option we have is the Dollar Tree. In those instances it can be hard to get nutritious food and we end up eating mostly sugary treats.┬áThose... Continue Reading →

1,500 Miles Down, 1,150 to Go!

After our friends & family came for a visit, we got back into our 'daily grind.' It's a pretty sweet 'grind' if you ask me. We got to enter Lassen National Forest which is a Volcanic National Forest. There were a few side trails that we decided to venture down, one to see a Geyser... Continue Reading →

A Handful of Magic

Coming out of the High Sierras and into Yosemite I hit a mental low. It was Father's Day weekend and being in Yosemite there were a lot of families. I was feeling the homesick blues. It felt even more terrible to be in one of the most beautiful places and not feel the appreciation.But, the... Continue Reading →

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