Week 6: Breaking the Stigma

There is a saying that is used often in the thru-hiker world, "The trail provides." It may seem a little far fetched to people who aren't on trail, but almost every hiker who stays on the trail long enough will experience 'trail providing' moments. I've thought about this phrase a lot and I've come to... Continue Reading →

Everything But Hiking

This past week seems to have flown by. We did hit our one month on trail and celebrated by hiking our first 20 mile day. Before that we had been doing 15-19 miles a day. It was well worth it as we got a pretty awesome tent spot. Being out on trail for a month... Continue Reading →

Week four seemed to be an interesting week for a number of reasons. For one, after we left Big Bear it seemed we were back in the 'bubble.' Meaning we were hiking around a lot of people who all left town around the same time. ┬áSometimes when there are a lot of hikers on trail... Continue Reading →

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