Ready Or Not, Here We Go

15230390112291242698977.jpgEach morning I wake up with butterflies in my stomach. I am excited and nervous thinking we are so close to to starting the PCT. This hike has come at an important time in my life, as I will be turning 29 on the day we start. I want to end my 20s with an adventure that will help me grow even more into myself.

Jake and I have spent the past couple weeks in a whirlwind. We drove our bus all the way from Tucson to Maine. We had a few designated stops along the way to see some family and an estimated date to get to Maine but the rest we kept fairly open. The moment we stepped out of ‘the real world’ and into ‘bus land’ we felt free. It was a space just for the two of us and it broke down a lot of walls that we hadn’t realized were there.

As for the bus set-up, it is far from being converted but we make shifted it into what we needed for the trip. It is an old shuttle bus so up front is one drivers seat and the passenger sits behind the driver. We had a ‘closet’ set up with all our clothes hanging on the old hand rail. Our queen sized bed fit perfect in the rear. We did make bathroom stops along the way but at night we had a pee bucket. That saved us a few times, considering some of the parks we stayed at didnt have bathrooms. Each evening we stopped fairly early and my favorite thing to do was to tidy up the bus and put up our nightly tapestries. It made it feel like home and then we cooked dinner on our Coleman grill and stove, cleaned up, and had our nightly pillow talk. It was the perfect simplicity that I was looking for. The bus is now stored away with family and will wait for our return after our hike.

Now our pure focus for the next 5 months will be our hike. Our bags are officially packed and we are leaving later this afternoon to stay at a campground near the trail. I carried my pack around Tucson today, going in and out of stores while we finished gathering last minute items. With 5 liters of water and 5 days worth of food it is a hefty load but thats just part of the challenge I love. We are only going to have one phone, so if anyone wants that number just let me know. We will also be checking any messages on our blogs about once a week so feel free to leave comments, they always give us a boost of positive energy.

All our love to everyone 😊


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