20 days and counting: Our adventures are getting closer…

It is 20 days until we leave this apartment, work, and drive out of Tucson. Between preparing for the hike, finalizing logistics, and working on our bus conversion we have been busy bees. There are still a lot of lose ends that need to be tied. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through our previous moves, it’s that things take a lot longer than you plan. Change your address, stock up on meds, pack, clean, cancel bills, sell furniture, the list goes on and on. I will say that despite the craziness of everything happening so soon, I feel great.

Prepping for bus floor insulation.


In these last 20 days I am trying to focus and appreciate everything I have here. After our PCT hike we plan to finish converting and live in our bus. That means after we leave Tucson, baths, laundry, and dishes, become luxuries for what could be years to come. Electricity will depend on our solar energy. Each decision will be more carefully thought out.  Honestly, I am so excited. I am ready to live each moment, good or bad, choosing to be present.


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