Try Something New

April wrote this:

For anyone who has met Jake & I, they know it’s a rare sighting to see us apart. Last year we even worked at the Denver Zoo together. We are just so in sync with each other that it is hard to get outside of our comfort zones & mingle with others.


In an attempt to be a part of the norm and actually socialize with others we promised each other we would join a community group. The group we chose is in Tucson, AZ and it is called Sol Axe. It’s a Brazilian & World inspired dancing & drumming group. It has worked great as I am a part of the dancing group & Jake does the drumming.We are now a part of this very special community & it feels great to be surrounded by so many loving and affectionate people.


Last night in Tucson, Sol Axe was part of a big celebration called All Souls. It is a ceremony where people come to grieve death and celebrate life. It is magnificent to see all the people who have embodied those who have passed away. There were 100,000 people who attended the procession. People line the streets, join in the parade, dance along, and eventually everyone makes their way to the finale. Channel 4 news was there & captured our group. Both Jake & I made quick appearances on the news.


Joining this group for us was a step out of our comforts – especially Jake who had never performed in his life. The first performance we did on stage about a month ago he said he had never been that nervous in his life. The jitters always come to us that day, sometimes making for grouchy mornings but the mood always turns for the better once we have time to process how awesome these experiences will be.



Building stronger relationships with people around us is one of our goals; especially for our upcoming thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. From all of our traveling that we have done we are learning how to open ourselves up more quickly and try to stomp out that social anxiety that is always creeping in the back of our heads.



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