Road trip, String, and Overalls.

April wrote this.

Our friends were visiting Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam area so we decided it was time to take a mini vacation. We took the 6 hour road trip from Tucson to meet up with them, and as usual only had a couple mishaps along the way.

As we sped down the exit ramp almost at the Willow Beach campground we pulled up to a fee station. We had already paid the $20 online for the campground but the Ranger told us we must pay an additional $20 to enter the National Park. Undoubtedly my stinginess had me holding my dollars tight. We questioned the Ranger until she slipped about the fee station closing at different hours each day. Although she wouldn’t tell us what time, we said we would wait it out. We did a U-turn and sat in the car waiting until she closed down the station. Thankfully it was only a thirty minute wait until she closed it down and then we cruised on through. 

At camp we ate our grilled chicken skewers and as soon as we finished Jake was ready to put it all away into the car. Reluctantly, I started bringing things to the car, keys in hand. This is the moment where things got a little sticky. As I opened the car door and plopped everything down I was quite focused on finding the toothpaste. On the way to the bathroom my stomach dropped as I realized I didn’t have the keys. Jake was oddly calm and maybe a little excited after hearing the news. He always has some idea of how to fix things and this time was no different. He had once seen a YouTube video on how to unlock a car door with a string.

We decided to wait until morning to test it out, not having much of a PlanB. Seeing as phones, wallets, and food were all in the locked car with no close help, we were screwed if it didn’t work. In the morning we ripped out the strings from our sleeping liners and headed to the car. After a few tries the string slipped into the door and within 5 minutes we had the string looped around the lock and gave a hearty tug. The sound of the lock pulling up was music to our ears. Jake was a hero.

It’s the challenging moments where we work together and celebrate success that always make our adventures fun stories. So remember to relax, have fun, and wear overalls. 

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