10 reasons you should carry duct tape.

It’s inevitable you will have gear fail on you. After months of use there will be rips, breaks, cuts, snaps, leaks, wears, tears, and holes. You won’t have it all happen at once, making it pointless to carry a whole roll of tape – but make sure you have a little on hand. Below are some problems we encountered where duct tape saved our finances.

1. Pesky mice holes in the tent.

2. Front of our shoes becoming a floppy piece of shit.

3. Hiking poles breaking exactly how the company said it wouldn’t.

4. Sawyer squeeze pouches becoming absolutely useless after springing a leak.

5. Our tent foot when it suddenly snapped in two.

6. Creating a wind screen for our stove after losing it.

7. A rip in our rain coat after fighting through the overgrown bushes.

8. The hot spots on our feet since moleskin was out of our price range.

9. Making a headband when Jake’s hair became unruly.

10. Replacing the rubber handle on our pot after putting it too close to the fire.








All joking aside, a little duct tape can go a long way. Sure some of these quick fixes seem small or silly, but in the end, it could be a small issue that kept you from your goal.

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